Thursday, May 10, 2012

Tap! Tap!

That is the sound my fingers make on the keyboard as I rip out another novel.  It is also the sound of a gun being fired through a silencer.  It is also the sound a knife makes while the killer impatiently waits for the victim to arrive.  Book 3 "See the Light"of the Sanctuary Saga will make my sixth published in less than a year.  After "See the Light" is out I intended to take a break.  Being the type of person I am....I yelled 'raise the bar' and then reached for it.  Getting a good grasp on the self-publishing platform, I challenged myself.  So now I am writing another novel, a psychological thriller titled..."She Becomes You".  The Sanctuary Saga is fun but I must tell you this next book....well its probably going to be 'KILLER'!