Thursday, February 9, 2012

Okay, so I couldn't settle on just here are a few.. they are the most requested updates of the 40+ characters !ENJOY!

EXCERPTS from "See the Light" Book 3 of  "The Sanctuary Saga"

Rain & Patrick:

The music playing on the old jukebox in the the Tribute Bar was rockin'. Rain danced her way from her office area to the end of the bar so she could check and see if Patrick was ready. Rain was jammin' out to her favorite hit song. She was also doing some stretches with her sword, getting limber for tonight's ride, you know, getting back into the swing of things. Literally. The danger lurked everywhere now. It had been too long since their last ride. She needed the road as much as the road needed to be traveled. Her spirits were up. She hopped in beat for the guitar solo and played an air guitar while slinging her mane of red curls about to the rythm of the music. Her dancing was awesome and synchronized as if the music were a part of her. She had a new trick up her sleeve for Patrick on this trip! She could hardly wait to show him her newest find. He had returned from the old abandoned gas station they used as an outpost with four new transitioners. She tossed Guess a few treats, telling him to stay. .........

Rain was in mid rock when she heard the motorcycle's engine turn over to began its base filled thump thump as the exhaust echoed off the buildings in Retribution to the lyrics streaming from the jukebox. It was her call to the wild and with the lead solo blasting away she slipped into her tiny leather chaps, grabbed her scabbard and with a toss of her hair she flew out the window as the lyrics asked the same question she kept in her heart for just Patrick. Centuries of the same line had only endeared it more when they had first heard the song that was playing now. Patrick looked up and caught her by the heart as he grinned that soothing yet exhilarating damn smile he always saved for right before they headed out to ride. The engine was revved and that was her signal to take her co-pilot position on his right shoulder. She settled in for the ride needing to feel the wind in her face. She hooked a leg around the shoulder tab of his vest and let out a whoop of pure joy! She needed this as much as the transitioners needed Sanctuary. As the lyrics demanded to know... " Where do we go?" Patrick and Rain could be seen riding off into the sunset with the wind in their hair and looks of glee in their eyes.

Erin the newly transitioned daughter of the Keeper:

Erin struggled through the carnage with her sanity barely intact. She was trying to stay focused on all the good memories she had of her home and family. Her parents were probably freaking. She wondered if they knew she was still alive. Refusing to take in the abhorrent state she was surrounded by she struggled to stay focused which caused her to stumble for she was in a sense walking blind. Her brain felt raw from the sight of  Hell here on earth. When she landed her face came within inches of the chest cavity of a rotting torso filled to overflowing with maggots. She had caught herself in time before landing in the putridity face first. Tears filled her eyes and then she vomited in to the rotting carcus. Her eyes started to clear and a pair of boots came to rest in front of her face then a hand appeared. She wiped her mouth on her sleeve, not caring and looked up to see Asher with a look of concern on his now stern face. Erin did not realize that she had acquired a white streak that began in the front and ran across her crown from the left side through her tresses. Asher knew the toll on everyone was obvious. He wondered about his changes. He knew they would survive to carry on with their missions but he dreaded to see them all age in such drastic measures because of the times they had been fated to survive in. Erin paused in her movements to remove her hand that was buried up to the elbow in the disgusting body cavity.  She shook the majority of filth off her arm and tried to stay focused on the eyes of her friend.  Afraid she would began to scream and not stop, she bit down hard on the inside of her cheek until she tasted the coppery infusion of blood fill her mouth. Though her body trembled she felt as if her soul was shored, albeit with anger, and still her resolve grew.  She could feel the warrior in her coming to the forefront and wondered where it would take her this time.

Grace through Angel's eyes:

This was going to be something to see. She had witnessed Grace's soul during the banishment and she was definitely one warrior who had her own opinions most of which were based on the knowledge only she had access to. Determined would describe her. Yes, Grace was defined as having a determined faith that even shocked the Elders at times. She had changed during her travel to 2034. Angel was counting on that fact for the sake of the children. All three minds meshed as Patrick drew closer and as was his way he was giving strategic opinions. Angel was also of the opinion that Erin's demise would shift the tide for all of humankind. Grace firmly stated to both of her partners that the only reason she waited for them was out of respect. Grace stood facing the City of Carnage that held the children captive and pulled trying to feel their location among the languishing waste that lay 10 and 12 bodies deep in most places. It was as if the city had been flooded by hell. A sob escaped her because she could read each soul lamenting their choice of darkness as she searched for the children. Patrick could be heard as she stepped forward with full intention of flying toward the city in search of the struggling squad, "Wait for me, lass. They will need every chance we can grant them. Please don't go alone." said Patrick as he pleaded logically.

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The Sanctuary Saga
Book 3
 " See the Light"
 Is so much fun to write! 
The youths are their quirky selves while facing their tribulations during the apocalypse.

 It is coming along nicely! 
  I hope you  are waiting for the first excerpt because I think I just wrote it! 
Keep a close watch! 
Tell all your friends!
Bet you can't guess where this one ends!