Monday, October 24, 2011

    All natural abilities observed in children of today are denied and eventually locked away with societal conformity being the lock without a key.  Our gifts that begin to develop when we were babies are socialized, hiding our natural abilities in a move of self preservation, then after time they are forgotten to lay dormant in the unknown.  These abilities gifted by our creator were intended for protection.  The 'old ways' are making a come back with a firmer acceptance in the hopes that maybe this time, we as a race, will get it right. 
     Gather close brothers and sisters of Mother Earth and listen closely to this story as it is told.  An earthquake of such intensity occurred that affected the tilt of the planet on its axis.  This created a tear in the veil that shrouds the reality of the dark from the realm of this world that exists within the light.  A containment of all that is dark did not hold.  A rift appeared creating a portal for the accumulated souls of darkness, demons and their like with which to access the surface of the earth.  The veil being torn could no longer hide the truth of the darkness present in this realm of the world.  The world speeds forth meshing the old and the new, resulting in changes for all of humankind.  This era of changes will soon become known as "The Transition".

A small excerpt from the front of the book to peruse.......