Thursday, April 26, 2012

Oh, say can you inkling?

       I am a writer. I am who and what I am. There comes a time in your life when you own yourself, your purpose and it is with that statement that I carry this message.  You might feel that you stand alone in a crowd and for me that is okay but for others it might not be. Sometimes fulfilling a dream is a lonely existence but for me that only adds to the worth of having it be fulfilled. I have taken 'inklings' from their tiny beginnings and nurtured them giving them room to grow.
       I sat at my desk this morning holding my two print edition proofs in my hands.  The physical proof of their existence are the results of a dream. A dream that it has taken a lifetime to fulfill.  A dream which has only been realized for the last six months. A dream of a little girl who use to play with an old typewriter as....
                                                                         ...... a writer.
       Just as a seed you plant, you must tend to a dream.  Nourishing it with care for it to reach its full potential. So must you nourish the 'inklings' you experience in life.  Do not give up or ignore your 'inklings' for they just might be the beginning of your life's dream.  Always be true to yourself as well as the other people in your life. Be true to who you are, what you are and when you have dreams..........
                                                        ...give them wings with which to fly.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Here they are....Enjoy! Go visit:




                                     "The Sanctuary Saga"

No Harm to Charm
The Test of Faith
"Charms of the Sisterhood"
volume I
volume II
volume III

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