Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Dark Days Remy Broulette by Hargrove Perth <> Nationwide Release Ink Smith Publishing <> June 26, 2014

The constitution of a man is not always dictated by the life he has led but sometimes by the circumstances of fate. Such is the life of Remy Broulette.  When an unforeseen tragedy strikes, Remy willingly joins the world of the French Nzumbe under the watchful eye of the Voudon Queen who created him.  Yet as time passes, all is not as it seems, and Remy must fight the demons living within as the wanton lust for souls consumes him. When the young Revel DeMarquis arrives from France, Remy is presented with the opportunity to begin his life anew, however the past continues to haunt him.  As Remy's life becomes filled with the uncontrollable lust of his immortality, Revel becomes desperate to save not only his beloved friend but also those who fall at Remy's hand.

Interview with the Author:

Hargrove Perth

1. What was the driving force behind your current novel?
Dark Days Remy Broulette is centered around the Creole Voudoun Queens of early New Orleans at the time of the city’s founding. I have a fascination with the traditional style Creole/Haitian zombies who are born of magic and are not the flesh eating kind. New Orleans, at his hayday, was the perfect backdrop with the famous Madame Marie Laveau being one of the featured characters. She is the prime example of what a flamboyant, eccentric Voudoun Queen should be! All of my novels which feature immortals are unique in their creation. I wanted to create a new brand of immortal, one not seen in print prior to now, and thought that immortals created by Voudoun who existed on souls to survive would be a fantastic novel and that is how it all began. Dark Days Remy Broulette will be taking the literary world by storm on June 26th 2014 through my new publisher Ink Smith Publishing!

2. What personality traits do you most admire in other authors?
Perseverance and having a thick skin are two traits I admire greatly. There can be so many nay-sayers out there – people who just have nothing good to say or take some type of perverse enjoyment out of taking some one’s dream and attempting to crush it. I call them trolls, personally, because they have nothing better to do than ‘troll’ the book world and find authors they can target. A lot of times I have seen it happen and it has crushed the writer beyond belief – so having a thick skin and wanting to get on with writing despite being targeted is something to be admired.

3. If you could offer a word of advice to an aspiring author who wants to venture down the road of self-publishing what would you tell them?
Words of advice…well, don’t take criticism to heart, remember it is only an opinion and every one has one. Don’t think you are going to become this over-night sensation because that just does not happen. You will work your tail off to be a success and don’t expect success to come if you are not willing to put your blood, sweat, and tears into every book you write. How much you put into the publishing and promotion of a book is exactly what you will get out of it. Unless you can afford to pay some company to represent you, no one is going to do the promotion part for you. There are a lot of avenues out there you can utilize which are free – like twitter and FB but remember to have a human side to it too! Don’t just post about books and what you are writing. Readers want to learn about you and who you are – that is just as important!

4. Do you find inspiration in the works of other authors? If so, who and why…
I do find inspiration in others, not only the classical writers of yesteryear but also in the modern self-published authors who have found their voice and are not afraid to use it.

5. How would you describe the method behind your writing?
Honestly, my writing style is so chaotic it is difficult to describe. I have been known to write the end of a book before the middle is even touched. Sometimes I know the premise but don’t know where I want to take it and when that happens, I let the characters write the story. It usually works out the best that way.

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