Saturday, May 26, 2012

Demons and Devils

       What do you really know about their existence? Do you believe in Angels?  Just as you can't have one without the other... there is a line formed where the Light meets the Darkness.
Gather close sisters and brothers of Mother Earth......
And listen to the story as it is told.
For evil slithers in to grow like poison ivy 
 to collect your souls from within!

 A tale of Good vs. Evil where the reader must dare to take the ride!

  A comment from one of my readers:
Katie said...
I agree with both posts! Characterization, storyline, & central theme are excellent! For me the God/metaphysical mix was not problematic. I am solid enough in my belief system to accept it as how the author chose to weave the theme of Good vs. Evil and 'take the ride' when necessary. Otherwise a reader could not enjoy good themes presented in a different way...stories such as THE WIZARD OF OZ, for example. I recommend for readers to 'take the ride'!!
November 7, 2011 5:46 PM

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


When your life has a party and forgets to warn you,

The chaos ensues and the struggles begin.

A true friend is the one left after the dust settles,

And stands beside you through it all til the end!

copyright 2012 O. G. Tomes

Monday, May 21, 2012

Seumas Gallacher: A brilliant light shining from the UK!

A Quote from the Author:
"It's great to laugh, particularly at ourselves.  Take the world and all it contains seriously, but for goodness sake don't take ourselves too seriously."

Readers, here is an author with a serious multifaceted ambiance that you should take notice of.

4 Star Review for "The Violin Man's Legacy"

    Fast paced action that grabs you from the very first page mingles with spicy yet tasteful touches of steam to unwrinkle the investigative insights into the corporate world of security.
    Travel around the world......
across Europe, to Hong Kong and South America as this arresting plot plays out.
    No loose ends here readers and the 'legacy' will warm your heart with its honesty.
    The characters are well built and sturdy enough to bring the reader back for a second read and a sequel or two!
Gallacher, tell us.... is there a sequel in the works?

Stay tuned because he has agreed to be a guest here!

Thursday, May 17, 2012


Cheers! the characters who live in the worlds of our imaginations!
    I had never considered their life after I move on but it is a "most interesting concept" to examine as part of who I am as a writer. Knowing our characters as only we can, the act of writing about them does give them a more enduring life span than even our own. What a bitter sweet realization for this writer. We mature as we write and henceforth our writing grows with us also maturing until it is ready to travel the world on its own path through time.
    Like our children, we watch our characters grow, taking form and becoming almost independent of us, their creator. Yet these beings unique to just our minds, once built with words, then become like our children. A part of ourselves that we send out into the world's garden to live on even after we are gone. Ah, the one true dream of this writer is defined by this statement:
"I want my works to be famous, not myself, so that they may survive me."
                                             O.G. Tomes

People say the nicest things! Check them out! See what kindness brings!

We rush around marketing and we lock ourselves away to write!  

But when you come up for air wondering if its all worth it....?
That is when you realize how others see you...
and you know its right!
Having FRIENDS like you is such a DELIGHT!
I think I will keep adding to this one, its been fun to show you some of whats on my office wall!
Simply, words can be so endearing.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Welcome Dear World !

Checking my blog stats has become a morning ritual that I share with  some of my closest friends and of course Pepper my faithful and true cat who sits upon the arm of my chair ever watchful as I work!  I would like to announce that 'ALL' my wonderful visitors from all over the world can easily translate my content to their native language by using the helpful little tool to the right>>>>  Just amazing!  Now I can quit stressing over how my blog posts are seen by the world!  Have a 'wonderful day' everyone and a 'blessed week' to all!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Tap! Tap!

That is the sound my fingers make on the keyboard as I rip out another novel.  It is also the sound of a gun being fired through a silencer.  It is also the sound a knife makes while the killer impatiently waits for the victim to arrive.  Book 3 "See the Light"of the Sanctuary Saga will make my sixth published in less than a year.  After "See the Light" is out I intended to take a break.  Being the type of person I am....I yelled 'raise the bar' and then reached for it.  Getting a good grasp on the self-publishing platform, I challenged myself.  So now I am writing another novel, a psychological thriller titled..."She Becomes You".  The Sanctuary Saga is fun but I must tell you this next book....well its probably going to be 'KILLER'!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Taking a break can be really SWEET!

 Will YOU Test Your Faith today??, May 4, 2012 5 stars
This review is from: The Test of Faith (The Sanctuary Saga) (Kindle Edition)
Book Two of the "Sanctuary Saga" The battle rages on in our everyday world. The brave and faithful Men and Women who are fighting the dark beings walking the earth in search of uncounted and unclaimed Souls on our world. Will the Warriors of the Light overcome these overzealous demons who are finding more and more ways to pierce the dimensional curtains dividing their hellish world and ours? The battle of good versus evil continues.

 A different point of view!, May 4, 2012 4 stars
This review is from: No Harm to Charm (The Sanctuary Saga) (Kindle Edition)
There is a darkness in this world. Some believe, some don't! After reading this book you might change your mind about what is real and what isn't. Keep the lights ON for the entire Series!!!