Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Taking a break can be really SWEET!

 Will YOU Test Your Faith today??, May 4, 2012 5 stars
This review is from: The Test of Faith (The Sanctuary Saga) (Kindle Edition)
Book Two of the "Sanctuary Saga" The battle rages on in our everyday world. The brave and faithful Men and Women who are fighting the dark beings walking the earth in search of uncounted and unclaimed Souls on our world. Will the Warriors of the Light overcome these overzealous demons who are finding more and more ways to pierce the dimensional curtains dividing their hellish world and ours? The battle of good versus evil continues.

 A different point of view!, May 4, 2012 4 stars
This review is from: No Harm to Charm (The Sanctuary Saga) (Kindle Edition)
There is a darkness in this world. Some believe, some don't! After reading this book you might change your mind about what is real and what isn't. Keep the lights ON for the entire Series!!!