Monday, August 20, 2012


I am proud to announce that my "Pepper" who is an awesome 'Mom' just recently delivered 6 kittens so far. She is doing fine and the lil' ones are are just 'squeeing' away and active though really teeny tiny. There are 4 solids black ones, one gray and one gray striped. SOoooo ADORABLE! I was hoping they would be born on the 'blue moon' that is almost here like their mother but right now I could completely care less because they are just so wonderful to have! *OG is grinning*

Monday, August 6, 2012

The Butterfly Man: 5 STAR REVIEW


Watch out Nicholas Sparks fans...... Frederick Anderson has arrived!
Ah, the lines I wish to quote from this journey taken within the writing style of Frederick Anderson.
......" the hardcover of a book that must be read before it is loved.." 
 A fellow weaver of tales, he has captured my attention from the very first page and kept me engrossed, within the story, every step of the way. 
 I am spellbound by the characters he has created. 
Built to captivate your attention, the plot weaves its mystery and beguiles you to love the dear Katherine while encouraging her to fight her battles to rebuild her life after a tragic accident.  
You will sigh at the re-emergence of her lost beauty as she heals the wounds fate has handed her. 
Both those you can see and those you cannot. 
All the while he keeps you entranced by the dastardly Jace with his dark past and present schemes.

Anderson lures the reader into a  relationship with the story.
He interlaces the bare souls of the characters and their inner workings with a tension that builds.
While reading, the scenes play in your mind's eye, for Anderson is gifted at handing you the reality of his settings.  He opens the door to a room and takes you in. 
.................."to heightened senses and to being welcomed without reservation or condition if only 
for a brief while."

I longed to rush toward the ending, yet dreaded it as it drew near.
A poignant story that leaves you hopeful and smiling.  
I highly recommend this touching story!  

Can you guess what is moving to the top of my reading stack?  
Yes, another Frederick Anderson Novel!