Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Hasuga's Garden by Frederick Anderson

out of 5 stars   
Format:Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified Purchase
"Hasuga's Garden" by Frederick Anderson

The virtual world created by Frederick Anderson takes the 'omniscient being' to a whole new
level. Imagine the needs of the lonely which are surrounded by only those of one's own
creation. The boundaries built by one's own hand can be the biggest prison of all. 
The virtual can be the most real but only with the creator's hands on agenda.......

Hasuga's Garden remains 'virtually' empty yet it is filled to overflowing in this wonderfully 
constructed fantasy. The use of concepts such as the 'programme' to control a virtual world 
with everything and anything in it was extremely creative and definitely not a consummation 
like anything I have read before.

How sad it must be to control all, to be all and to know all yet still be the one thing that stands 
between a life as a single entity or as a life fulfilled.

"There is more for you to know. Have faith in me."
Definitely awaiting a sequel to this wonderful show of word mastery.