Monday, July 14, 2014


5.0 out of 5 stars A Sultry Foray into the World of the Were.July 14, 2014

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Calls Of The Untamed: Dearhart Clan Series, the complete series with never released Book #4 Time To Call Wolf (Kindle Edition)

Author Eri Nelson locks the reader away in the sultry Were World she has created and with finesse she unfurls the inner primal needs of her characters.  Secret government operations intent on using them as weapons then forcing them to be self-contained after a scientific based exodus, for decades they strive to survive and stay hidden from an unwitting human populace.  There is no choice in the solitary life within the clan and females are rare. The threat from their own kind, a vengeful rogue from the past of the pack's leader and a dastardly shapeshifter are added to the mix as the hope for the continuation of their species is jerked away when Owen's mate, Kristen, is taken hostage.  Caged behind silver bars to be used as bait for a forced confrontation between the rogue operative and the leader of the pack, a dance begins for survival at its basest level. 

The soul of a Were longs for its mate and time will only serve those fated to find one with love being the ease to their pain.  Imprinted, they can not deny their mate or control the overwhelming desires, giving them no choice in the primal couplings intended to save their dwindling race.  Creatures of duality with feelings, both wolf and human, they are vicious defenders of their species.  The details of the pain they must endure and  physical changes when unfurling is 'hair raising' to say the very least.  

Unorthodox?  Yes and that is a good thing.  Nelson gives the reader a World of the Were, filled with fast paced twists and turns, free of inhibitions from a breathtaking view.