Thursday, September 27, 2012

Paul Wade gives OG a Karmic Blast!

Paul Wade, a writer of great worth whose opinions are so very dear to me, quietly purchased my latest book:                      

 She Becomes You.  

Now with all the angst involved with writing in a new genre`, I have decided to let this one ride its own wave, created by its wonderful readers.  I am beside myself while trying my best to take it all in because this one brings it in everyday! 

Thank you, Paul for creating these very cool links to my 'thriller read' for Halloween 2012!

Via Facebook:
"She Becomes You." 
By O.G.Tomes. 
Is a well researched psychological thriller. A word of WARNING........Take the day off work. You will NOT be able to put the book down. O.G.Tomes is more versatile with her writing than you could imagine. Brilliant---she has been compared to Tennesee Williams, Fanny Flagg and William Faulkner but to be better than 'the golden boy' says it all...
Its grip is tight and will not let go. It takes you in from the first page. This story departs from O.G's earlier works and takes you into different places, some of those places are a person's greatest fears.

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Sep 27, 12
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Its grip is tight, it will not let go.
It draws you in from the first page.
This story departs from O.G Tomes earlier works and takes you into different places, some of those places are a person's greatest fears.

This is the 21st century. Its really hard to shock and/or thrill anyone these days.. Is that not true?... S.King is a 20th century writer and when a reader knows that a person should be saying one thing, but they come out with another, more politically correct word....... it leaves you wanting. It does me anyhow.
See the thing is, its not the fact that a knife cut is made, or something like a body part, is cut off; its the "circumstances," the inability to DO anything about your dilemma, or move, or run--- all the rest of that situation is what makes a foul act complete.


@Pinterest via Paul Wade
"Its very important that you remember the cover, so when you buy the book you know you have the best thriller this year..."

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