Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Latest Reader Comments for 'She Becomes You'

****** Lillith offer's the latest reader comment on
'She Becomes You' !!
I have finished 19 chapters of SBY & I must say BRAVO girlfriend! Suspense becomes OG! Loving the plot twisting, the 'ah ha' moments that the characters can't quite put a finger on, the doubt as 2 who is going 2 end up being the true villain. U have researched your torture & drug topics using them well 2 create realistic scenarios, excellently paced so tension increases at a steady pace but sneaks up on u so u don't realize it until u r on the end of your seat or biting your fingernails, u have just enough gore 2 set the stage & let the reader's mind fill in the rest & managed 2 keep the plot the focus of the book instead of being obscured by the gore. U have succeeded where most authors fail. (oops almost forgot the most important thing about books 2 me...) intriguing characters that evolve & manage 2 surprise in both likely & unlikely places. SBY is creepy bc it actually could happen & happen 2 almost any1, makes u question if u have some1 like this in your life. If the rest of the book keeps all this going & u have not fallen short on the conclusion (another place where most authors fail) this will b the most enjoyable book I have read in a long time. Bites & ♥