Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Vengeance Wears Black REVIEW by O.G. Tomes

Vengeance Wears Black .....
Exudes pure Seumas Gallacher at his best!

Travel the globe with Jack Calder in his world of International Security!

A direct and to the point style of writing beguiles you as the plot is layered. 

Classic, fast paced, action that allows you to rub elbows with Interpol, the ISP and syndicated crimes such as human trafficking.  

Will Jack Calder save the girl?

A plot that keeps you locked in until you are finished.  

Only  to leave you with this...
If the first two books of this series are anything 'to go buy'.... How can we  wait for #3! 

Don't stop now Seumas, I am hooked on the 'Jack Calder Novel' series!

Just hit the link above to purchase from Amazon!