Friday, June 8, 2012

Creatives' Rule!

       An explanation for our unbending drive as we strive toward the accomplishment of our goals and our dreams is Faith. Faith in one's ability is not believing that you can create, it is knowing that you will create. Sometimes seen as being single minded, I prefer the word focused. It is a 'focused faith' which lends us its strength to take a simple thought, vision, even a mere nuance and make it into something larger, more poignant that in turn touches others as the very essence of our creativity is shared. 
       Do not fear talent. Talent is a gift and it does not come in a generic brand as a low cost additive. When present, talent should be embraced, fostered and revered not wasted or hidden.
       It is clearly a choice of whether you stand facing yourself in the mirror each morning and humbly list your accomplishments or list excuses for why a goal has not been reached or a dream fulfilled.  

Simply embrace your talent with a focused faith not fear and allow your creativity to present it to the world. 
Give them something to talk about, give them something to see. 
Go ahead, have faith in yourself and believe in your dreams.